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the snow returns with temperatures in the 30's. the arctic front will move through this evening. white accumulation possible overnight. and then a new storm will likely perform on that front and we will have to see how close it is. it could produce more in the area and we will sort it out with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> you can always get the forecast on our newly updated iphone and android apps. >> more than 1000 people recovering after what is believed to be media right slamming into a town and to russia. >> most of the injuries are minor caused by blasted out windows. the video is really incredible. we have a closer look. >> astonishing pictures showing in the right streaking across
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the sky. it was about 10 tons and 33,000 miles per hour. it was seen, heard, and felt as windows shattered and the roof of a factory collapsed. all but sought to be caused by the sonic boom. >> they happen hundreds of times every year but only several times are they actually seemed to fall by people. very rarely do they do any damage. >> really want thousand injured, mostly hurt by flying glass. it hit on the same day that an asteroid, 2012-da14, makes the closest recorded past closer to earth they ounce of satellites. they said there was no connection between the two, just a cosmic coincidence. nbc news, london.
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>> that would have been really frightening. another space event today. an asteroid became the starkly close to earth, 17,000 miles, as it passed by. >> for scientists, the a flyby is an exciting event. and has been traveling since the formation of the universe. 4.5 billion years ago. 2012-da14 past 17,000 miles from earth. >> this is in the. rg3 synchronous weather satellites. this is a historic event. >> it is 150 feet wide, half the size of a football field. if it had hit the earth summit it would release the energy equivalent of 2.4 million tons of tnt and wipe out 750 square miles. >> we are absolutely safe.
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we have been tracking this for well over one year. we have determined very precisely. it will pass 17,000 miles over the surface of the earth. >> a much smaller object entered the earth's atmosphere today in an exploded 18-32 miles above the ground injuring 1000 people and blasting out count was windows. this was a complete surprise. >> it's a relatively small asteroid. >> and nasa will be sending a mission into space in 2016. >> we're preparing emission level rendezvous that none of these potentially hazardous asteroids to understand its composition and, collect a sample, and bring it back to earth. >> for those used in the space, it was an exciting day. rob roblin and, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> and now a developing story. this is the tale of a police pursuit from the ground and capt. retailer brought on the scene as they were apprehending the suspect. it was in west baltimore and the police began following him after he allegedly stabbed a woman in the parking lot of anne arundel mills mall, about a 15-mile pursuit. no word on whether or not he made off with any cash. the victim is being treated at a hospital and is expected to survive. three men have been terrorizing convenience stores all over the county and the city since late december, but tonight it's all coming to an end. let's get the number and the span of the armed robberies. these three men were all behind them. the last three occurred within minutes of each other arm
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february 7th. they were spotted by the helicopter and tracked down. they're facing one dozen charges each including robbery and assault. the 15-year-old stabbed to death during the super bowl celebration is now laid to rest. family and friends said goodbye to dante smith at the new antioch church. the teenager was killed in a fight a few blocks away from the ravens victory parade. they're still looking for his killer and they have released surveillance videos of the suspect. the man in white hats, seen here. anyone with any information is urged to call the homicide unit at 410-396-2100. >> it has been a long, trying journey home but now thousands of passengers are off of the embattled carnival cruise ship, a triumph. we have more on that story from
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mobile, alabama. >> for some passengers who were adrift for more than four days, getting home from mobile, alabama, was easier said and done. overjoyed passengers of the carnival cruise ship triumph thought it was over i they docked in mobile, alabama, but for some finding their way home has been just as unforgiving. one of the buses chartered to bring passengers to new orleans broken down. >> life gives you lemons. i guess you have to eat the lemons some time. before >> it set sail from galveston income-tax asked, and there realized a special place and special people were in sight. others were not as forgiving. >> the last four hours have been hideous compared to the last seven days. hideous. >> and engineer fire sunday left it bobbing endlessly in the gulf
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of mexico without power or air conditioning. at times, there was not much to eat. >> we stood in line for two hours and 53 minutes to get a cheeseburger. >> sewage water everywhere. everywhere. but i'm still wearing my flip- flops' because my shoes got destroyed and these are the only things that i could wear. >> others are not ready to climb aboard. >> you can take that free trip and put it where the sun doesn't shine. >> investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened. it is registered in the bahamas meeting experts from there will be leading the investigation with u.s. authorities assisting. you can expect new rules and regulations to try to make sure this never happens again. mobile, alabama, wbal-tv 11 news. >> federal investigators are
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calling the legend prostitution ring a conspiracy. they say it stretched far beyond the city limits. in july when the charges were filed, the fbi raided a baltimore city warehouse to want bail a prostitution ring. now we are learning that it was not just in the warehouse. federal investigators are calling it a conspiracy that simmons and another man would transport women to seven other states as far as south dakota. some of them not even 18 years old. he is now indicted by a federal grand jury remain suspended without pay. >> the announcement from the acting anne arundel county executive after initially saying he was not interested in the job, he now says he wants to stay put. the vacancy created dr. john leopold resigned following issues arising over misconduct in office. this is becoming a competitive
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field. >> 16 people have applied for the job including a former county executive and a former first lady. the different -- the current chair may be the front-runner, john hammond. >> acting anne arundel county executive tossed his hat in for the vacancy. >> it's been a very difficult decision in many ways, but i have come to the conclusion that i think i can bring the leadership to anne arundel county that they deserve. it's time to move the county for word. >> the county budget director and expressed confidence that the county council will select him based on his experience in the private sector and his 36 years as a local government official. >> i have the best resume and experience. >> he is one of 16 including former county executive and
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former first lady. >> it is significant that we have a woman in this race. >> he told a forum that they would get rid of the perk of a security detail. he misused the police officers assigned to protect him. hammond prefers his pick up. >> i drive a pickup truck. it has a bumper sticker, my other truck is a fire engine. no one will bother me. the businessman says he respects his competition, but he believes his resume is a strong. to begin the process of pursuing a new vision of anne arundel county and make a model for the rest of maryland. >> is grown children and grandchildren say everyone urged him to run. >> he walked into the grocery store and someone did a lot no says, you're on tv. your the only one who is telling the truth. how can you not do it?
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>> councilmembers are prohibited from applying for the job. they will have to accept a $30,000 per year pay cut. cards are's credit going to be history. someone stole her purse a few years ago and i have no reported it to the police because whoever stole it is spending less than she is. >> they will not seek election when the term expires in 2014 and the county council will interview all the candidates publicly and select february 1, 1920 first. live from annapolis, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a grammy-nominated robert arrested for drugs on the eastern shore. >> what maryland troopers may have done after the arrest is raising eyebrows. >> an exciting breakthrough in the world of science bringing vision to hundreds of thousands of people who have lost sight.
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>> . college graduates are trying to get the job on jobs. i'm tim tooten live in the 11 news room.
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what state police are trying to figure out if any of the
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troopers did something wrong in the arresting rapper 2 chainz. he said after being arrested on route 50 that's the took him in for processing and asked for a picture. he was in the area for a concert at the university of maryland eastern shore. >> in tonight's medical alert, a major breakthrough. the fda has approved the first ever implant the bionic eye. is the zero retinol prosthesis system and the the first treatment in a rare disorder for pigmentitis. images from the camera are processed into electronic data that is where this it transmitted to electrodes
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implanted into the retina. they hope to eventually treat a much wider variety of vision disorders. a new app helping cancer patients to use nutrition to improve their health. it provides recipes and tips for people going through cancer treatment or those in recovery. you can search recipes based on your specific disease type or symptoms like a non ship. a healthy diet does not just lower your risk for developing cancer but it can help people improve their outcome. smoking synthetic marijuana may cause acute kidney injury. last year, the cdc had 16 reports of kidney damage in people who had recently smoked synthetic marijuana. there were in various stages of kidney failure. synthetic marijuana mimics the effects of thc.
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they are often labeled, not for consumption. it was the subject of an investigation back in december 2011. brush, swish, and sparkle. national children's dental health month and more than 90 families and schoolchildren gathered to learn how important it is to take care of your teeth and gums. maryland dental society use demonstrations and videos and the had the opportunity to meet with them one-on-one. >> just because they think they're brushing correctly does not mean that they are. you have to take your time and make sure you are ferro. what the president of the national dental association says is important to establish the routine early on. the two key times to brush our morning and just before bed.
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>> your 11 insta-weather + forecast was chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> in for some big changes tonight going from spring right back into winter. a strong cold front of bringing in rainshowers in central and western maryland. as i can see on the hd doppler, that changes to snow. other rain comes in, temperatures will begin to cool off. our temperatures will be falling quickly this evening, so i hope you enjoy the spring-like temperatures. out west, feeling more like a winter and will stay that way up in the mountains just in time for presidents day weekend. they will get some fresh powder. this is nowhere near the record high for february 15th. 77 set back in 1949. 45 is the average, so we are way above the normal, but they will be crashing down as the front
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moves on through. 55 downtown but only 45 in westminster. for the hagerstown. snowy and 32 in oakland. a mixed bag of rain and snow for the rest of the evening and up until about midnight. the main threat for snow accumulation across the northern suburbs and out in the western maryland mountains. by morning, mostly cloudy skies with a flurry possible. the main impact from the front moving through tonight will be to the north where 1 inch of snow is possible especially up in southern pennsylvania. the ground is very warm, so anything that does develop around baltimore and south will pretty much milk on contact. one-3 inches of snow and a mountain overnight. a rain-no switchover tonight. sunset at 5:44. nearly 60 this afternoon and into the 20's by early tomorrow
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morning. mostly cloudy tomorrow, breezy, lots cooler. a good 20 degree temperature dropped for tomorrow. some flurries or snow showers off and on through the day especially to the rest of us up in the mountains. we expect some sunshine, but areas of low pressure expected to form along this front near the relatively warm waters of the atlantic, so this area of low pressure will generate more rain and snow. for the weekend, how close to the coast will the storm be as it's developing and pulling away. right now, most of the real action is over the atlantic and we think that's how that will play out. the closer to the eastern seaboard, the better your chance for snow. parts of the storm moving further away and pushing cooler air, so you see these streams of snow coming off of the great
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lakes. not a bigot nor'easter-types know which will be out over the atlantic. on debate tomorrow, a small craft advisory with waves of one to two feet. a great skiing conditions for the holiday weekend. ranging to snow tonight and all snow during the weekend tomorrow with high is only in the upper team's. 40% chance of snow showers tomorrow. it 20% on saturday -- on sunday. the high on monday, 39. >> and olympic hero formally charged in the murder of his girlfriend. >> we take you into the courtroom today. >> another budget brawl. in washington, lawmakers are leaving town even though they are running out of time to reach a deal. >> its been a beautiful february day in baltimore, but what's in
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store for the weekend? team coverage onçn
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>> two weeks left to avoid the sequester and congress and the white house appear no closer to a deal. lawmakers are leaving washington for one week. >> the president is on the road pushing of the economic agenda for the third day in a row. we have more on what's at stake for all of us. >> we are talking about $85 billion in automatic cuts. in defense would bear the brunt of it, but they would not stop there. lawmakers are spiraling what -- spiraling towards another budget that line but it does not stop them from leaving town. an unsuccessful plea made tuesday and work. >> no deal. no break. we should be here. >> once again, walking away from the american people.
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>> and dozens of programs will be getting slashed. the military will have to cut down on training in a counterterrorism efforts. disaster relief during events like sandy would be reduced. even those annoying airport security screening lines could grow because of furloughs. >> the viable alternative to those kinds of across-the-board cuts are clearly important. quite the conservative-led house and moved to sit elsewhere. it passed a bill blocking the cost-of-living pay increases. >> it's not justice. it's not fair. >> president obama also flight to chicago to push his plan or the middle class. this is his third this week seeking support outside the capital. no signs of a bargain here with two weeks left. the proposed a package to delay many of the cuts to defense. because it includes a tax
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increase, republicans rejected it. wbal-tv 11 news. >> a woman and her two young sons in the hospital after a fire ripped through their home. >> what police are waiting for before determining the cause. >> a day of job hunting for 1000 soon-to-be college grads. who's hiring and for how much? >> it's hard to believe it's been 10 years ago this weekend that the big snowstorm on president's day caves in the roof of the roundhouse here at the be in a railroad museum. -- b & o railroad
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news this stan stovall, donna hamilton, and sky team 11 covering breaking news where you live. wbal-tv 11 news at 5 continues now. >> welcome back. looking up for work in a tough economy. maryland college graduates spend their friday trying to land jobs, but who was doing hiring? once a year, more than one dozen colleges and universities team up to try to help graduates get a job and a paycheck. >> helping connect those looking for work and the companies to say they are ready the higher. tim to live in the newsroom. getting that job is what it's
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all about, right? >> you are right. it's every parent's hope that the college degree will help with a job. that is why so many job-seekers made their way to a jobs and career fair at house and university. >> they show a prepared to make their sales pitch and impress more than 130 companies like care first, blue cross blue shield of maryland. >> we have a lot of opportunities currently available and we are just looking for individuals looking for an opportunity. >> i'm open to finding a job anywhere there is one. what's this college freshmen is already thinking like a senior. >> you have to network. that's the biggest thing. if you want to be successful, you have to be able to take advantage of opportunities. >> i think it's very important
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to have something like this for our students. we have so many employers. there are a lot of jobs. we want students and the public to know about it. >> a new survey just out from the national association of colleges and employers found companies are hiring in the following fields. educational services, professional, scientific, technical services, health care, federal, state, and local government, and finance and insurance. they say they're not afraid to cross state lines to lure the best. >> we are very progressive and innovative in our teaching practices and the resources we provide looking for the absolute top quality in america. >> they hope the jobs will lead to the perfect match. >> you can find out what those top jobs are paying on an our web site. and click on
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"educatino alert." tim tooten and thomas w. bit -- tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> is stabbing leading to a police pursuit. there were called to the parking lot of rundle mills mall for a robbery but they found a 36- year-old woman suffering from stab wounds. the spotted the vehicle and followed it all away to the 800 blocked in baltimore city where the suspect was arrested. the stabbing victim was taken to an area hospital with what were thought to be non-life- threatening injuries and it remains unclear and she was also robbed. they're working to determine the cause of it apartment fire that tore through his home in aberdeen, but they cannot do it on to one of the victims is in condition to speak. they arrived on the scene to shooting through
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the roof. the three were able to escape, but they remain hospitalized tonight and the mother in critical condition. investigators are waiting to talk to the mother as part of their investigation. a nearly 1000 people are recovering after a meeting right slammed into earth with incredible force. the 10-tonobject exploded about 20 or 30 miles over the earth. people were cut by broken glass that exploded from buildings. in your head on the same day that an asteroid made its closest to reported path to earth but the two events are not connected. >> formal charges for a double amputee and olympian, oscar pistorious. police believe the act may have been premeditated. >> there was an intense
5:34 pm
emotional atmosphere and he appeared for around 30 minutes. mostly, he stared at the ground, distracted, not even by the magistrate. he is most emotional and prosecution lawyers said the murder of his girlfriend had been premeditated. he buried his head in his hands. his father, his brother, all attempting to comfort him, but he seemed distracted. he spoke through his agent this evening saying that he refuted all allegations and expressed his sympathy towards her family. >> if you really believe in the lord, we do not have to make any judgment. >> spending the evening in custody, he will appear before a court again for a hearing on tuesday morning. nbc news, pretoria. >> it started as a food fight
5:35 pm
but it turned into a riot. >> and. nearly 300 students and how police were able to get the chaos under control when we cover the nation. >> chemical killion in washington where the president honor the educators who gave their lives in the newton shooting. more on the emotional ceremony coming up.
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>> breaking news right now on a major thoroughfare. martin luther king and, jr., blvd. in baltimore city. let's go live to capt. roy taylor. >> celek don martin luther king and blvd., it started as a vehicle fire but evidently the operator has suffered chemical burns to his face. they're checking out the vehicle south of that location. baltimore city police have shut down traffic on southbound of martin luther king at pennsylvania avenue. expect major delays southdown
5:39 pm
here ron martin luther king, boulevard. >> covering the nation and, we will soon know exactly what is being discussed in sealed hearings regarding the chandra levy murder case back in 2001. despite the romantic relationship with the congressman, they determined an illegal immigrant was responsible for her death. they have been holding sealed hearings of the past few months that could signal a problem with the prosecution. they will release partial transcripts sometime next week. a former a lehigh university grad student, she sued the university for more than $1 million because she received a grade of c + in the therapist internship course.
5:40 pm
she claimed she was given lower marks in retaliation for her support of gay marriage. thursday, a judge ruled against saying she failed approved university based the grade on anything other than academics. >> a high school in minnesota implementing a new safety plan after a brawl that injured 20 people were forced to use mayst break of the chaos which began as a food fight in the school cafeteria. it to police a and 20 staff members to stop the violence. they were alerted by text message. >> there are teachers walking around, bandaged, ice packs. it's chaos. >> close to 300 students were involved in the fight and five people were taken the hospital.
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>> beyonce has done it again in. her ticket sold out in less down one minute. how is that possible? she added a second performance. the extra tickets for the actor performance sold out. she announced the world tour the day after she performed the halftime show for super bowl xlvii. >> she has timing. everyone wants to see it. >> get ready. in resources competing for your attention to. we have the details straight ahead. >> a security flaw involving your iphone. hacking into your mobilize next in consumer alert. >> the snow is looming and reminding railroad officials about the big one tenures ago on president's day weekend a cave in the roof of the round house.
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that story straight ahead. >> a strong cold front moving through tonight with rainshowers changing to snow showers and much colder
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>> more breaking news in downtown baltimore. let's go live to capt. roy taylor. >> the call came out of a pedestrians struck at this location and police have just arrived at the scene. they had shut down two lines at this location. i'm capt. roy taylor. >> it's hard to believe it was 10 years ago this weekend that we were in the grips of a presidential weekend storm that crippled this area four days. >> one casualty may remember was the roof of the railroad museum and one decade later, they look back on that event as a lifesaver.
5:46 pm
jennifer franciotti has the story. >> this is what it looks like 10 years ago when under the weight of crippling snow, the museum suffered a partial roof collapse, a bad combination of the weight. >> it, this in dividend amount of damage, up to $20 million just in that alone. >> built with wrought iron instead of this deal and hold it in place today, they discovered failure conditions. they closed and opened in restoration leading to a much stronger roof, a new turntable, restored exhibits, and a new exhibit completely revitalizing the museum now thriving. >> we always say it was a blessing in disguise, rising from the phoenix because those are perfect. if you had been here 11 years ago, it is night and day from
5:47 pm
what it is now. >> we were all freaking out a little and wondering how much snow in the space of a weekend have could happen. >> you can read all about the restoration in this book by the engineers. >> admission is half-price on saturday and free on sunday. the president's day weekend event that even with snow in the forecast will not be nearly as event allows one decade ago. >> i always thought the place was supercool for they read it. it's just amazing now. >> out with the all time record breaker for baltimore. 30 inches in the suburbs. that was big. we will have a trace to a dusting, maybe one in chile spots. easy to handle. the arctic front coming through. big temperature changes and that will be tough to handle
5:48 pm
especially after today's 59 degree reading at the airport. 20 degrees colder tomorrow afternoon. rainshowers up and down the interstate 81 corridor right now. pushing and baltimore as we speak with cloudy skies about -- eastern shore. this is where the rain has already changed over to snow. good news for the presidents' day weekend to get some snow when a mountains because a lot of people have skiing plans. on this side of a mountain, is still fairly mild temperatures right now switching from 54 a bwi y 250 and the ocean city. 32 in oakland county. that is where the air is coming from. that batch of air exiting a pretty quickly. to the north of town, we may get a lead accumulation, but not much else expected elsewhere.
5:49 pm
the snow that falls to my will melt on contact. tomorrow, issues right along the coast, suggest a flurry or is no shower. all the big action staying off the coast. the means no threat for accumulation right along the pennsylvania line and maybe a burst of snow tomorrow afternoon on the eastern shore. even then, a trace to 1 inch or snow in the northern suburbs overnight. 27-35 and northwest winds developing and they will be breezy tomorrow reaching a 10-20 miles an hour with an occasional higher gusts. staying kind of cloudy helping to keep the temperature down. instead of getting close to 60, we will be near 40 with the wind making it feel much more chilly. cold front coming in from the west and keep going. it's a lot to see and get out of fear but this one will slow down and that is why we think that there's the chance for a second round of mixed
5:50 pm
precipitation especially around ocean city. northwest wind kicking in the cold there. sunday will be the coldest day of the weekend. lake effect showers coming in and we will keep a flurry in the forecast for sunday. the real emphasis is the cold coming in this weekend. on the day tomorrow, a small craft advisory posted and will be gusting to 20 late in the day. in the mountains, 23 tomorrow. 18 for the high on sunday with additional snow showers. if you dress properly, you can enjoy some great skiing conditions and winter weather fun. snow showers on sunday. nor'easter a sure winner snow develops off the coast, more rain and snow. the high temperature still around 40. the seven-day forecast is turning more wintry. high temperatures only in the
5:51 pm
30's. a high of 39, but in nice, sunny day. rain heading our way with temperatures back in the 40's. >> tonight, some potentially good news for workers. man-hours that they will be hiring up to 100 employees to work on a reinforced concrete tombs and fans. it will be used for tunnels in hampton roads, virginia. and can bring in more local workers. the of already awarded subcontracts to 57 baltimore metro area companies. an information session for interested employees is set for 7:00 a.m. -- 7:30 a.m. at ccbc essex. nearing up for tomorrow's opening of the new store. they want to soften the brand in
5:52 pm
the home town to boost appeals of the women's line. it may also be hoping to give rival lululemon a run for their money. they have been bringing in nearly $2 billion in revenue during the last three months of 2012 according to the baltimore business journal. the new store opens tomorrow in harbour east. a security flaw in the latest update allowing hackers to access your phone according to a new video posted on youtube. a bug in ios 6.1 let anyone bypass your password lock. they would be able to make calls come and listen to your messages come and tanker with your contact list. apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment this week. it pointed out in previous versions of the operating software that usually they use a
5:53 pm
quick update to fix the problem. >> factory mind blowing season for the ravens, fans are already trying did figure out how to get tickets for next season. one fan is set for life -- literally. all part of the partnership, the combination of the yearlong internet promotion. we were there this morning as lottery officials presented one winner with a $1 million prize. season tickets for life. that's right. this is the fourth year for the cash fantasy contest. you winter -- you enter online for away trips, game day packages. a historic moment that scientists have been waiting for for longer than one year. local nasa experts about the asteroid that made its flyby 17
5:54 pm
hours and miles away from earth today. >> i'm kate amara at the white house with the story of a president, a paralyzed woman, and how she changed 1000 lives in baltimore.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> invited a head down to washington, d.c., where a woman got a major accolade from the president himself. >> we introduced you to janice
5:57 pm
last night at 11 and today, kate amara followed janet to washington as she continued to spread her powerful story and spirit. anit's not every day you get invitation to the white house, but it's not every day you meet someone like janis. when president obama met her, -- [applause] he presented her with the 2012 presidential citizens medal of, the second highest civilian honor. >> to be recognized by the president is pretty sweet. he told me that i looked pretty today. i said, you to become president. you look pretty also. i did not know what to say. >> she was singled out for founding a nonprofit that empowers women with disabilities call women embracing abilities now, or wean. it took 29 years of overcoming
5:58 pm
personal adversity. she was hit by a car and paralyzed. doctors say she was lucky, she could move her shoulder. >> asher recovered, she resolved to give some of that strength to others in need. >> this dynamo is a professor of the university of baltimore. the mentoring group has helped more than 1000 newly disabled women learn how to feel like women again. >> it is your ability, not your limitations. >> courageous, committed to public service, and the metal is designed to honor americans just like janis in order to inspire the rest of us. she says her goal in the next seven years is to have sister chapter is that every hospital and rehab facility in every state. adam winehouse, wbal-tv 11 news. >> have you spell inspiration?
5:59 pm
>> congratulation. here's a look at what's coming up next six. >> the cold front coming through with rain and snow tonight. >> of the list is long. those interested in finishing the job of john leopold. >> an award for those educators who lost their lives in the sandy hook shooting. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> a beautiful almost spring- like a day. it's not expected to last much longer. another winter storm coming to our area. >> we do not think we will see any accumulation from the sun all and tom tasselmyer has a closer look. >> at today's temperatures

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